NATALIA TOKAR, Founder & CEO at UpSkillMe
NATALIA TOKAR, Founder & CEO at UpSkillMe

About Natalia

Natalia is a multilingual passionate entrepreneur, who has developed a number of start-up projects from scratch in Russia, Switzerland, Germany, the Carribean, Seychelles, and the Middle East. She runs UpSkillMe - the first niche project in Russia targeted at non-native speakers with high ambition to become valued professionals and irreplaceable communicators in the international arena. Her team trains international teams and business leaders to communicate, pitch, and sell more effectively in a foreign language.

Such clients as Ritter Sport Chocolate, IQVIA, Richemont, Lenovo, Universal Media, Citi Bank, JLL, etc. choose Natalia's company - - to advance their communication skills and enhance the charisma of their leaders and sales teams. She is convinced that high-quality human communication is the key ingredient to any business and it unlocks tremendous sales potential, regardless of the industry.

You might have seen her speak at FinTech events in NYC, LA, Hong Kong, Barcelona, London, Stockholm, etc. Natalia's public speaking talent and outstanding interpersonal skills in three languages (English, German, and Russian) resulted in 9,5 million USD investments for an IT project in 2017.

She used to work as Head of Business Development for a startup in the CryptoValley, Switzerland, and currently acts as an advisor to Kaizen VC in Switzerland, serves as a member of World Blockchain Foundation in Asia, and as a mentor at the Emerging Managers Incubator for fund managers (Chicago, IL). She also helps startups create a pitch that gets the attention of investors. 

She talks and writes about cross-cultural communication strategies and believes that great relationships with people are the core ingredient of a successful business. 

She holds a Master's Degree from Heinrich Heine University, Dusseldorf, Germany.

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